June 21, 2023

Let’s Celebrate: Symphia is a Secure Campus Award Winner

The team at Intellicene is thrilled to share that we’ve won the gold-level Secure Campus Award in the Video Surveillance Solutions category for Symphia 8.0. This award, a hallmark of excellence within the industry, is a testament to the tireless efforts and innovation of our team.

The Secure Campus Awards are an annual celebration of the most outstanding achievements in campus security. They highlight groundbreaking solutions that elevate safety and security in educational institutions around the globe.

Symphia 8.0 has been applauded for its advanced intelligence, ease of integration, and its ability to combine disparate systems within a single application. Symphia was meticulously designed to give security teams the tools needed to ensure the highest level of security, safety, and efficiency on campuses.

Our team’s dedication to advancing technology is at the heart of Symphia 8.0. This intelligent security platform represents a significant leap in campus safety, offering real-time analysis, proactive threat detection, and swift response capabilities. Our vision of a safer and more secure future for campuses worldwide has truly come to life with the newest version of Symphia 8.0.

As we celebrate this recognition, our focus remains on the future. Security challenges are continually evolving, and because of that so will our solutions. Symphia and other Intellicene products will continue to evolve and drive the industry forward, ensuring that our educational institutions remain safe havens for learning and development.

At Intellicene, we believe that everyone deserves to learn, work, and grow in a safe and secure environment. We’re proud to contribute to this vision and thrilled that our commitment has been recognized with this award. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey. The future looks bright, and we look forward to continuing to drive new levels of innovation in the security industry.