December 20, 2022

We are Intellicene

digital city illustration

Last month, we marked a momentous and exciting occasion with Volaris’ acquisition of our business unit. Since we announced the news, we’ve been overwhelmed by partner, customer, and industry support. As we look to tomorrow, there is a bold future filled with enormous opportunities for all of us because we are stronger under Volaris than before.

And today, we come to you as Intellicene. This is not just a change in our look. This is the result of months of hard work and iteration, during which we reflected on who we are and our company’s purpose.

We talked about our vision. About our history and our core values. About the reasons why our customers choose to work with us. And we landed on Intellicene because we deliver the intelligence needed to help organizations identify mission-critical events. We live at the nexus of awareness, insight, and action, and our new brand represents our evolved identity.

Our business is crucial in advancing security by optimizing data that provides insights that enable informed decision-making. It is time that our identity reflects what we’re able to deliver to our customers daily.

The next chapter in our company’s history starts today as we begin showing our new brand identity to our employees and customers worldwide. We’re proud of what we’ve built and we’re excited about what comes next as we accelerate our idea of what’s possible. Welcome to Intellicene.