Intellicene Supplier Code of Conduct

Intellicene is committed to treating everyone with respect and dignity, ensuring safe working conditions, and conducting ethical operations. We expect suppliers in our operations and supply chain, and their suppliers, to embrace the following ethical responsibilities.

Underlying Obligations. In addition to these responsibilities, suppliers must comply with all applicable laws; legal regulations, directives, and guidelines; and all obligations in any contract a supplier may have with us.

On-Site Work. Suppliers using our properties or facilities will comply with all our applicable policies and requirements.

Certifications. If Intellicene requests additional certifications, such as ISO 50001, 14001, ISO 27001 or OHSAS 18001, suppliers will make good faith efforts to obtain such certifications in a timely manner.

Information Disclosure. Suppliers will accurately disclose information regarding their labor, business activities, structure, financial situation, and performance, in accordance with prevailing industry practices.

Cooperation. Suppliers will cooperate with any information requests or audits we may initiate to confirm their fulfillment of these responsibilities. Though we seek to work with suppliers to improve conditions, we may terminate our relationship with any supplier that fails to meet these responsibilities.

Supply Chain Readiness. To ensure robust and resilient operations, it’s crucial for our organization that the supplier maintain a high level of supply chain readiness. This involves continuously assessing and managing risks associated with the supply chain, including monitoring supplier stability, evaluating geopolitical and environmental factors, and maintaining a diversified supplier base to mitigate potential disruptions. Proactive measures such as maintaining strategic stockpiles of critical components, establishing flexible contracts with key suppliers, and investing in predictive analytics to anticipate supply chain challenges are essential. Furthermore, fostering strong relationships with suppliers, understanding their capabilities and limitations, and collaborating to improve supply chain transparency and agility will enhance our readiness to respond to unforeseen events effectively and efficiently.

Disaster Recovery Plan. It is critical that Suppliers maintain an up to date and comprehensive disaster recovery plan to maintain business continuity in the event of a disaster. A disaster recovery plan is a comprehensive strategy designed to ensure rapid and effective restoration of business operations following disruptive events such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or other critical incidents. This plan must encompass not only IT infrastructure and data recovery but also focus on critical business processes and human resource aspects. Key elements include establishing a clear chain of command for decision-making during a crisis, maintaining up-to-date backups of all critical data in secure and geographically diverse locations, and ensuring that all employees are trained on emergency procedures.


Intellicene is committed to upholding the human rights of workers and treating them with dignity and respect. As a result, suppliers must manage their own workforce, and the workforce of their vendors and suppliers, to achieve the following results:

Freely Chosen Employment and Combating Modern Slavery. Suppliers will not use or permit any form of forced, bonded, or indentured labor. All work must be voluntary, and all workers must be free to terminate their employment at any time.

Child Labor. Suppliers will not use child labor. “”Child”” means any person under age 15, under the age for completing compulsory education, or under the minimum age for employment in the country, whichever is greatest. Workers under the age of 18 will not perform work that is likely to jeopardize their health or safety, including night shifts and overtime. Suppliers may use legitimate, properly managed apprenticeship programs, such as student internships. Unless otherwise addressed by local law, suppliers are expected to pay student workers, interns, and apprentices at least the same wage rates as other entry-level workers performing equal or similar tasks.

Wages. Suppliers will pay legally-mandated wages and benefits, will comply with the law regarding wage deductions, and will provide workers with the basis on which workers are paid via pay stub or similar documentation. Suppliers are expected not to deduct from wages as a disciplinary measure.

Working Hours. Except in emergency or unusual situations, for ‘suppliers’ workers paid hourly, workweeks are expected not to exceed 60 hours per week (including overtime) or, if less, the maximum set by local law. Workers should be allowed at least one day off every seven days.

Fair Treatment and Non-Discrimination. Suppliers will not permit harassment, abuse, corporal punishment, or inhumane treatment. Suppliers will not subject workers or potential workers to unlawful medical tests or physical exams. Suppliers will not discriminate in screening, hiring, or employment practices based on race, color, age, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnicity, national origin, caste, disability, genetic information, medical condition, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership, or covered veteran status.


Suppliers will maintain health and safety management practices into business processes to provide workers with a healthy and safe work environment:

Occupational Safety and Health. Suppliers will comply with all applicable safety and health laws and regulations, and identify, evaluate, and control worker exposure to safety and health hazards, including chemical, biological, physical, and ergonomic stressors, through proper design, engineering controls, maintenance, safe work procedures, and ongoing health and safety guidance.


Suppliers will uphold the highest standards of ethics to promote honesty and integrity in business operations, including:

Business Integrity. Suppliers will avoid even the appearance of conflicts of interest in their work with us and will immediately disclose any known family or other close personal relationships with our employees who have an influence over their engagements with us. If suppliers extend any business courtesies to our employees, they will do so infrequently, and the courtesies must be of no more than moderate value. Suppliers will also accurately reflect their business dealings in their books and records. Suppliers will not offer or accept any form of bribery, corruption, extortion, or embezzlement. Suppliers will not make illegal payments directly or indirectly. Suppliers will implement monitoring and enforcement procedures to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws.

Intellectual Property. Suppliers will respect intellectual property rights and will conduct technology and know-how transfers in a manner protecting intellectual property rights.

Privacy and Information Security. Suppliers will protect the privacy of personal information of everyone with whom they do business, including suppliers, customers, consumers, and workers.

The supplier will maintain and secure the information of Intellicene following the requirements of the company, law, regulation, and industry best practice, among other things, by implementing appropriate corporate governance, managing information security risks, implementing information security technologies, monitoring and control, physical security, raising awareness, etc.

The supplier will comply with specific instructions that Intellicene may provide according to the classification of the information that will be transferred to supplier or processed by supplier and supplier’s access to the organization’s systems.

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