Revolutionizing Security with Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of security and surveillance, the need for advanced, reliable, and adaptable solutions has never been greater. Enter FaceDetect™, a cutting-edge facial recognition technology designed to seamlessly integrate with your organization’s existing infrastructure. Offering unparalleled accuracy, this automated and intelligent solution is your answer to the complexities of real-world security challenges.

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SYMPHIA FaceDetect

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Neural Networks and Deep Learning

FaceDetect™ uses sophisticated, multi-layered algorithms mimic human-like recognition abilities. With the power of neural networks and deep learning, FaceDetect™ adapts and learns continuously, much like the human brain, ensuring it stays ahead in dynamic, real-world scenarios.

GPU-Based Excellence

Achieve optimum performance, accuracy, and scalability with FaceDetect™. Our GPU-based technology ensures that your security operations are advanced, efficient and scalable. FaceDetect addresses the crucial need for facial recognition in populated and diverse environments, moving beyond traditional one-to-one scenarios.

FaceDetect™ is designed for ease of installation in existing settings. Supporting up to 10 cameras per GPU and compatible with all IP camera types, including PTZ surveillance devices, this solution is as versatile as it is powerful. Its ability to identify individuals despite various challenges — face obstructions, aging, disguises, or ethnicity — makes it stand out in the field.
Our solution offers real-time and forensic comparison against vast databases, instantaneously updating watch-lists with repeated suspects. This capability streamlines investigations and empowers operators to make quick, informed decisions, enhancing overall security efficiency without the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades.
FaceDetect™ helps organizations automate intelligence gathering and adopt a more proactive approach to business and security intelligence, maximizing technology investments. As part of Intellicene’s robust portfolio of cyber and security intelligence solutions, FaceDetect™ is a testament to our commitment to modernizing security functions through automation, intelligent security management, and powerful analytics.
With advanced analytics, stakeholders can make informed decisions tailored to their specific business and security requirements. FaceDetect™ is a critical tool in advancing your organization’s security posture.
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