Maintain Comprehensive Situational Awareness with Symphia 8.0

For security teams in the field or the control room, maintaining comprehensive situational awareness is critical for environments across any industry – from transportation hubs to retail stores. As security solutions and best practices evolve, security threats are changing in turn to keep pace. This makes situational awareness an integral tool in staying ahead of emerging threats like theft, vandalism, violent crimes, and other risks to people and assets. So, how can organizations across industries bolster their situational awareness capabilities to stay ahead of threats that put their operations at risk? Our answer: Symphia 8.0.

Staying Ahead of the Curve
Symphia bridges the gap between security solutions from various corners of the market, such as access control platforms, surveillance systems, video management systems, and others, to create an all-in-one platform that consolidates security data into one comprehensive interface. By integrating diverse security systems and solutions into one streamlined platform, security personnel can unlock the holistic visibility they need to identify, assess, and prevent emerging threats from escalating into full-blown incidents across industries. Through the holistic view that only Symphia can provide, operators react faster with accurate data.”

As a significant aspect of the world’s critical infrastructure, the transportation industry faces diverse security risks that an integrated suite of solutions can mitigate. Transportation hubs are often complex and challenging to properly secure due to constant high customer traffic levels, making it easy for potential security threats to slip through the cracks. In environments like these, keeping visitors safe is paramount, and comprehensive security management platforms like Symphia empower security professionals to stay ahead of threats hiding amongst the crowd in heavily populated spaces by considering all factors of their security posture. By leveraging technology to unify security data into one centralized platform, security professionals can utilize a vast suite of security solutions to act with a more holistic view of security events instead of reacting to incomplete, isolated data from singular alerts.

In the retail sector, businesses often rely on various security solutions to combat harmful crimes such as theft and vandalism to protect what matters most: people and assets. However, as the solutions we use to mitigate these threats evolve, criminals seek ways to circumvent newer security measures. When retail businesses lack the right tools to secure their sites, business owners may find themselves in an “arms race” with organized retail crime, which can incur significant financial losses, tarnished reputations, disrupted operations, and potential legal ramifications. To avoid these outcomes, retailers can leverage Symphia to combine the power of surveillance, facial recognition, and VMS to detect patterns in visitor behavior and monitor potential threats before they can escalate. 

Healthcare facilities face many security challenges due to their critical role in public health and wellness, such as high foot traffic and diverse patient populations, making security management increasingly complex. These establishments are hubs for patients, medical staff, administrative teams, and visitors, each with unique needs and potential health and safety risks. Additionally, healthcare institutions must contend with securing sensitive patient data and sudden, urgent medical emergencies, adding to the complexity of these environments. The Symphia platform enables healthcare staff and security professionals to collaborate to provide the best possible patient care by optimizing patient mobility, data safety, and visitor management operations. 

Symphia offers organizations unparalleled control and visibility into diverse security solutions by seamlessly integrating connected systems into one unifying platform. With Symphia, organizations can confidently navigate complex security challenges, ensuring the safety of people, assets, and operations, all from one easy-to-use interface. For more information on how Intellicene enhances situational awareness for organizations across industries, continue reading here.

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