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Throughout my time in the security industry, I have witnessed many monumental achievements. I have seen this industry band together towards one undeniable goal of better-protecting individuals and assets. I have also experienced how much the security landscape has changed and the ever-evolving risks modern businesses face daily. The rise in organized retail crime, urban violence, and mass shootings, combined with an increase in cybercrime, terrorist threats, and natural disasters, show that there is no time to be wasted in mitigating these challenges. 

The tools available to us have grown and changed immensely. What was once a choice of intrusion sensors, fire alarms, and intercoms has transformed into biometric identification, smart IoT sensors, AI-enabled gunshot detection, data mining for threat assessment, and even the deployment of robots and drones to enhance situational awareness. The irony now is that we are using all of these incredible tools but 1) are overloaded with data and 2) don’t know how to use the data we are capturing. While we may think providing our security teams with all of these tools and data is benefiting them, it’s likely that they just feel overwhelmed with the influx of information. The problem we now have to solve is getting operators the crucial information necessary for a timely and effective response. 

As we work to outsmart the continuing threats and improve current response, Intellicene is charting a new path toward an intelligent future. It is time that we bring our security products together into one cohesive solution to help our security operators make sense of the data noise.

A Look Back on Industry History
The crucial need of today’s customers is to find a way to harness the data, transforming it into actionable, timely, and pivotal insights. Security leaders are looking for a tool that offers a panoramic view of their environment, not a siloed piece. How valuable is a photographer without a camera? How useful is your security tool if no one does anything with the data it collects?

This vision for the industry is a familiar one. We’ve previously embarked on similar ventures. You may recall the rise of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems. Developed in 2008, PSIM promised a unified security management platform but was strewn with operational constraints and complexities from the start. These systems required costly and intricate integrations with numerous subsystem manufacturers, a byproduct of a fragmented market. All in all, PSIM proved to be a system that, once installed, became a challenge to move away from, trapping end users in a cycle of dependency.

From PSIM, though, we learned an important lesson. Customers need flexibility, flexibility to grow, and flexibility to change. PSIM’s promise of a single view came at a cost that didn’t make sense for most. 

Forging Anew
Now, we must ask ourselves: How do we redefine security management platforms not only to meet but exceed the evolving demands of our customers? The goal is not merely linking technologies but orchestrating a symphony of systems working harmoniously, ensuring they operate in unison to deliver intelligent, actionable insights. Intellicene has done just that. 

With Symphia 8.0, security operators have the critical information they need to navigate the evolving security landscape. Its robust, open, and scalable solutions, combined with advanced intelligence, ensure that users can seamlessly integrate the platform into their existing infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on-premises. It promises easy integration with existing technology, optimizing performance and allowing users to not only collect vast amounts of data but actually convert it into actionable intelligence.

At Intellicene, we heard our customers loud and clear. They needed a system that seamlessly integrated with their current systems and provided thorough analytics to automate security response. So we brought them Symphia 8.0. Symphia is not for us. It’s for the security operator overwhelmed with multiple dashboards, for the security leader wondering what exactly their security tools are providing, and most importantly, it’s for the people and assets we strive to keep safe. 

The future of security management is our responsibility to forge. Industry competitors and partners alike should be coming together to work towards our shared goals. With ever-changing and growing threats, the time to act is now. 

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