Intellicene’s Road to ISO 27001 Certification

The team at Intellicene is thrilled to announce that we are officially ISO 27001 certified. We began this journey last year shortly after the launch of the Intellicene brand and have finally concluded our journey to achieve compliance with the International Organization for Standardization’s guidelines for information security within the security industry. Over the course of this project, we delved into the security industry standards and carefully examined the ISO certification process to align our offerings with ISO standards. 

About ISO 27001
The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates an organization’s commitment to securely and safely managing information. In an era characterized by escalating cyber threats, this certification equips organizations with the tools to navigate the frontier of cyber-security risks by fostering a holistic approach to information security encompassing people, policies, and technology. ISO 27001 empowers organizations to cultivate cyber-resilience while promoting operational excellence.

Although organizations are not required to obtain official certification, many choose to do so to improve their services’ effectiveness and credibility while ensuring the quality of their services to their clients and stakeholders. The global adoption of ISO 27001 highlights its importance in establishing strong information security practices, making it a valuable tool for organizations in the security industry.

The Journey to Compliance
Following the launch of the Intellicene brand, staff members began the process of working toward achieving compliance with the ISO 27001 standard. Our IT department launched a comprehensive process to achieve ISO 27001 certification that involved several key stages:

Stage One: The Intellicene IT department thoroughly assessed our information security risks and vulnerabilities, identified assets and reviewed possible threats and the potential impact of each factor.  

Stage Two: Based on the identified risks, vulnerabilities, and strengths identified in Stage One, our team developed and implemented a set of 29 policies, procedures, and controls to manage and mitigate projected risks in an effective manner.

Stage Three: After implementing each of the policies and associated tools identified in Stage Two, the Intellicene team established comprehensive security protocols for data handling, access controls, incident response, and ongoing monitoring operations.

After successfully completing and evaluating these three stages, Intellicene was declared ISO 27001 compliant and awarded the official certification, demonstrating the team’s ability to manage information security risks effectively and adhere to global best practices and industry standards in information security management.

The Intellicene team extends its gratitude to all team members who contributed toward this accomplishment, and we look forward to finding new ways to prove our dedication to pushing the boundaries of intelligent solutions in the security industry.

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The team at Intellicene is thrilled to announce that we are officially ISO 27001 certified. We began this journey last

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