Integrate any security technology for a robust, open, and scalable intelligent security operations center.

Security operations have evolved, and Symphia Control is at the forefront of this transformation. With Symphia Control, you can direct your focus where it’s needed most: your operations. This unified solution connects disparate systems and people, allowing you to harness the power of multiple devices and information sources in one centralized platform.

Symphia Control is a versatile solution that can integrate various systems and devices, including mobile phones, GPS devices, CAD, mass notification systems, license/number plate recognition systems, facial recognition software, radar, access control, panic alarms, intrusion detection, fire alarms, video management, video analytics, and more. It even seamlessly connects with external databases and legacy systems to complete the security picture.

This powerful platform uses a GIS-based engine to correlate sensors, maps, and events, providing security operators with a unified and easy-to-use interface for all phases of situation management.

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Symphia Control

Centralized Resource
Symphia Control serves as a centralized resource that maximizes analysis, response, investigation, evidence gathering, incident reconstruction, and debriefing. It offers reports and dashboards for better planning and coordination, embedding standard operating procedures specific to your enterprise’s policies and regulations.
The solution increases operational efficiency, resulting in quicker response times and reduced incident handling time. You can expedite responses and simplify investigations by leveraging Symphia Control for instant field communication and collaboration.
Symphia Control is agile and can adapt to your organization’s changing needs. It accommodates additional integrations to enhance overall system capabilities.
By integrating with existing infrastructure, Symphia Control minimizes the need to replace legacy systems, reducing the cost of security infrastructure. This platform establishes the foundation for the next generation of situation management solutions.
Symphia Control provides real-time insight into incidents, people, and assets, allowing operators to quickly access live or recorded information and make informed decisions.
Integrating with Symphia NowForce simplifies incident handling, enabling cross-platform incident collaboration and comprehensive incident management in both the SOC and the field.
An incident dashboard with GIS-based views and audit trail information ensures compliance and aids in analyzing incidents and trends.
Symphia Control helps organizations make sense of collected data from threat intelligence efforts and turn it into actionable information.
The solution captures voice/audio, video, incident logbooks, screen data, telematics, and related data for enhanced situational awareness and optimized situation management.
Symphia Insightâ„¢ provides a data visualization framework for historical data from Symphia Control, offering valuable insights into operational performance.
Operators can view the location of sensors and targets of interest, identifying incidents before they impact business operations.
Security procedures can be predefined to comply with standard operating procedures, streamlining task handling and improving operational efficiency.
Symphia Control is your partner in evolving security operations, offering predictive, real-time, efficient, and compliant situation management. It’s a solution that collects, interprets, and contextualizes massive amounts of data to deliver comprehensive situational awareness, making complex tasks easy. Increase operational efficiency, improve response times, ensure compliance, and simplify forensic investigations with Symphia Control.
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