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In the era of the Digital Age, where the volume of data and alerts can be overwhelming, Symphia emerges as a beacon of hope. By connecting virtually any system, Symphia empowers security operators to rise above the noise, visualize their operations in real-time, and engage resources with the right information to take immediate action. Intellicene is ushering in a new era that we call ‘The Age of Intelligence’ by unlocking the power of the information that exists within your organization today. Welcome to the future of security – welcome to the Age of Intelligence.

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Symphia Is the Heart of the Intelligent Security Operations Center

Symphia VMS
Symphia VMS is an advanced, scalable video security solution that enhances manageability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. It features powerful integrated tools like automated health monitoring, investigation management, and a user-friendly interface. Symphia VMS integrates robust IP camera support, edge storage, and compatibility with third-party analytics, powering multiple viewing applications that offer flexibility, helping the system to excel in comprehensive monitoring and rapid investigations. The Symphia VMS Control Center simplifies system administration, ensuring security through best practices and enabling automated responses to real-time alerts.
Symphia Control is a comprehensive solution that unifies various systems and data sources in real-time, enhancing decision-making, safety, and operational efficiency. It empowers security operators to access multiple information sources through a user-friendly interface, facilitating analysis, response, and investigation. The system is designed for efficiency and collaboration, increasing operational efficiency and scalability, all while seamlessly integrating various devices and solutions for comprehensive situation management. Symphia Control offers an intelligent and cost-effective approach to security infrastructure, providing a holistic view of data from multiple sources within a user-friendly interface.
Symphia NowForce is a cutting-edge dispatch and response system that integrates vital data for enhanced situational awareness and real-time collaboration among dispatchers, responders, and third-party resources. It optimizes response times using live and historical event data, GIS maps, and responder positions to dispatch the most suitable personnel based on proximity and equipment readiness. This versatile system easily integrates with existing CAD, CRM, C4I, and RMS systems, offering extensive integration capabilities for emergencies and disasters. Operating in the cloud, Symphia NowForce enhances communication, ensures centralized coordination, and improves response efficiency with features like live video streaming, two-way communications, and event logging, making it a vital tool for maintaining operational integrity during disruptive events.
Symphia Connect seamlessly integrates safety, security, and operational systems, enhancing situational intelligence for organizations. It facilitates the flow of data between various systems within the Symphia portfolio, including Symphia VMS, Symphia One, Symphia Control, and Symphia NowForce, reducing the operator’s reliance on third-party interfaces and promoting an intelligence-driven Security Operations Center (SOC). This consolidation of security operations improves operational efficiency, minimizes operator interaction with multiple systems, and ensures continuous integrated systems monitoring, supporting critical operations. Intellicene’s Managed Integrations evolve with technological advancements, enhancing system performance, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency
Symphia FaceDetect is an advanced video analysis solution that leverages deep learning technology for rapid and accurate facial recognition. It empowers security operations centers to detect, track, and promptly alert persons of interest across multiple surveillance streams and thousands of cameras in real time, providing results within seconds. This versatile system addresses various organizational challenges, conducting real-time, one-to-many comparisons against numerous databases and watchlists to expedite investigations. With impressive accuracy, it excels in challenging conditions, including low light and diverse angles. Symphia FaceDetect is a crucial tool for real-time or forensic threat protection and offers GDPR compliance and privacy features, providing a comprehensive facial recognition solution for real-world scenarios.

Symphia One is at the core of any effective mission-critical security center, streamliningSecurity Operations Centers (SOCs) with data-driven security management and response, boosting efficiency and cost reduction. In today’s data-rich landscape, Symphia One simplifies complex security coordination by offering a unified platform, with video as its centerpiece, facilitating integrated event management and responses. This system maximizes situational control and accelerates response times by combining video and device state data within a dynamic, map-based interface. It automates alarm management based on correlated data, enhancing effectiveness. Symphia One also expedites data-driven investigations, ensuring quick access to critical information. By unifying existing security systems, it enhances day-to-day operations and improves visualization, response, and investigation efficiency. Advanced search capabilities eliminate the need for manual data collection during investigations. Symphia One empowers modern security management and responses in mission-critical environments.

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