Symphia in Action: How Symphia Secures the World’s Largest Office Building

In the bustling city of Surat, India, amidst the glittering landscape of the diamond trade, stands the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB), a colossal structure spanning over 35 acres and soaring 15 stories high. This massive office building is the eighth wonder of the diamond trade world, hosting more than 65,000 professionals in 4,000 offices throughout the site, with an estimated 8,000 additional visitors daily to account for. With this much daily traffic, securing a site such as the SDB from potential threats is a massive undertaking. On-site personnel need a security management solution that scales to meet their growing requirements while streamlining their countless security applications and solutions into one simplified interface—our answer to this enormous task: Symphia 8.0.

A Monolithic Undertaking

To say that securing a building larger and busier than the Pentagon is no easy feat would be the understatement of the century. As a beacon of commerce in the greater diamond trade industry, the offices within the Surat Diamond Bourse see an immense amount of traffic every day, with thousands of individuals entering and exiting the premises throughout the day. While this much daily traffic is undoubtedly a signifier of booming business operations and a dynamic environment, this many people traversing the area comes with a high level of risk. 

To mitigate the sky-high level of risk that comes with such a densely populated building, on-site security personnel rely on a wide range of security solutions to ensure safety for all workers and visitors inhabiting the building at any given time, including access control, video monitoring, alarm systems, and VMS solutions. Managing and operating numerous security solutions to secure premises of this magnitude is time-consuming and difficult, especially considering the number of people inhabiting the space at any point in time. To keep up with this monumental task, the on-site security team found the answer they were looking for in Intellicene’s flagship solution: Symphia.

Simplifying SDB Security Operations with Symphia

SDB began its search for an all-encompassing Intelligent Security Management (ISM) solution that maintains the flexibility and scalability to support its current operations and prioritize the safety of the community and those who visit the building. With this in mind, SDB decided to employ Symphia as their go-to solution for uniting their security solutions under one all-encompassing platform, simplifying security operations and mitigating the challenges of protecting thousands of workers and visitors.

Before adopting Symphia to merge various security solutions, SDB required multiple teams to handle day-to-day operations, leading to inefficiencies and complications, which can compromise site security. Intellicene’s Symphia Control and Symphia VMS solutions now provide 24/7 oversight of site operations while simplifying how operators manage security systems by uniting them under one banner.
Want a more in-depth look into how our Symphia solutions secured the world’s largest office building? Continue reading here.

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In the bustling city of Surat, India, amidst the glittering landscape of the diamond trade, stands the Surat Diamond Bourse

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