June 21, 2023

Intellicene Honored with 2023 Secure Campus Award for Symphia 8.0

MELVILLE, N.Y., June 21 2023Intellicene, the trailblazing pioneer in integrated, intelligent security software platforms, is proud to announce that it has been honored with a gold-level Secure Campus Award for Symphia 8.0 in the Video Surveillance Solutions category.

The Secure Campus Awards, held annually, recognize outstanding achievements in campus security, acknowledging innovative solutions that go above and beyond in maintaining the safety of educational institutions across the globe.

Symphia 8.0 was selected for its ability to effortlessly merge third-party video management systems, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, and virtually any other networked security device into a single view. The Bring-Your-Own-Everything (BYOE) solution enables users to collect data from all of their connected systems, visualize their entire security operation, understand situations in real-time, and actively engage numerous resources to quickly respond to incidents. Security operators now have the ability to transparently access video streams from not only Intellicene’s market leading VMS, but virtually any VMS or NVR on the market today.

Intellicene’s dedication to advancing technology to enhance security is reflected in the development of Symphia 8.0. The intelligent security solution represents a significant leap in campus safety, with its unique ability to provide real-time analysis, proactive threat detection, and swift response capabilities, all while leveraging the customer’s existing installed security systems.

“We’re incredibly honored to receive the 2023 Secure Campus Award,” said Alan Stoddard, CEO, Intellicene. “It’s the product of deep industry insight, innovative thinking, and a dedicated commitment to providing open, intelligent, and easily integrated solutions for our clients. Symphia 8.0 is more than just a product – it is our vision for a safer and more secure future on campuses worldwide.”

This achievement underscores Intellicene’s unwavering dedication to campus security. As security challenges continue to evolve, Intellicene continues to work diligently to ensure educational institutions remain safe havens for learning and development.

About Intellicene
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Rhianna Daniels